Rebonded foam

Rebonded foam (RE) or recycled foam is a raw material made of pieces of shredded flexible polyurethane foam held together with a binder – water and polyurethane glue. The required RE density is obtained by compression.

RE foam is characterised by particular hardness, strength and durability as well as excellent sound insulation properties.

The range of recycled foam applications is practically limitless due to retained primary foam properties and the possibility to choose required density and hardness: starting from goods packaging, mats for acrobatics or sports mattresses to artificial laws, wall decoration and soft profiled parts of yachts and vehicles. This inexpensive raw material is characterised by good performance indicators.

RE foam can be of various density and hardness, and can be cut in sheets of required thickness.

Use of RE foam:

– Sports equipment: mats, training benches, mats for acrobatics etc. Products of different density are used depending on the purposes (gymnastics, wrestling, children’s sport);
– Production of furniture: furniture under heavy load (seats and benches), not requiring softness. Recycled foam is used for spring orthopaedic mattresses with a rigid surface which are particularly suitable for children. Frameless furniture of various shapes and sizes as well as advertising stands are produced from PE foam;
– Manufacturing and construction: RE foam is characterised not just by good thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It is also used for the insulation of vibration in building structures, ventilation equipment, for sound insulation in industrial premises, suppression of machine vibrations, and sealing of gaps in pavements and roads;
– Medicine: for the production of orthopaedic soles and antiseptic processing of couches and mats;
– Manufacture of cars and yachts: RE foam is particularly valued in the car industry where, due to its shock-absorbing and sound-insulation properties, it is used for upholstering seats and car interiors thus increasing passengers’ safety in the event of an accident.

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