Foam rubber parts for furniture

By employing highly precise technological solutions and modern foam rubber processing equipment, we can produce foam rubber parts of various shapes and sizes. We have been supplying foam rubber blanks to the furniture industry for 30 years, offering unlimited opportunities for your furniture design according to specifications, templates or sketches provided. The foam rubber blanks will be cut precisely for your products – mattresses, sofas, bar chairs or anything else that your produce. All foam rubber that we use is of high quality, therefore, you can be sure that the furniture will serve your customers for many years. All products are covered by manufacturer’s warranties.

We accept orders from both minor and major producers of furniture, cars, footwear and toys.

The most popular options selected by our clients include:

– Seats, backs, armrests etc. for sofas
– Parts with a complex contour;
– Rolls;
– Cylinders;
– Cubes;
– Decorative or thermal insulation panels.


– Send us an enquiry via email or call us to specify the required foam rubber dimensions or to provide drawings;
– Specify the foam rubber type that you have chosen, or let us help you to choose;
– We will tell you the price of the order in 15 minutes. If the order is complex, the price calculation will take longer but no longer than 48 hours;
– We will send you a proforma invoice for payment. Long-term cooperation agreements are concluded with loyal customers. Provide a template where necessary;
– The production term starts upon receipt of payment for the order (unless a long-term cooperation agreement has been concluded). If we receive payment by 12:00, execution of the order is started on the same day, otherwise production starts on next working day;
– You can collect your order yourself or book a delivery.


– The foam rubber cutting price is based on the wholesale price of the foam rubber;
– Where a highly complicated or very fine cutting is required, the price per foam rubber sheet may be increased by 20%;
– We offer a free delivery if the order price is higher than EUR 1,500;
– If you need cutting of a foam rubber blank according to a product sample, please provide a precise drawing or template (it can be made of paper, cardboard etc.);
– At ordering, tell us whether you need foam rubber offcuts;
– Potential cutting error is up to 5 mm. After receiving the order, unpack the foam rubber sheets and leave them for 5 min. – 24 hours to recover their original size;
– Do not keep the foam rubber sheets unpacked for a long time as low-density foam rubber sheets may not completely recover their original size and form.


Vitalija Grigalienė
Head of production
Zita Sanikovienė
Deputy director
Egidijus Semaška

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