Foam rubber parts for mattresses

Blanks for the production of mattresses

Single-layer and zoned foam rubber mattresses is a great choice for the filling of the mattress base. They do not require additional processing (gluing and assembling), are of high quality, simple and convenient for further production of mattresses.

By applying a special profiled cutting to the zoned foam rubber blanks, 5 – 7 zones of different rigidity are created on the surface, which ensures an optimal adaptation of the mattress to the shape of the human body. Such anatomical zone profile allows maintaining a correct position of the spine during sleep. The zoning of the mattress can also be cut according to the details provided by you.

We can offer foam rubber grades of special comfort that are characterised by high elasticity similar to that of latex as well as memory foam.

Blanks for mattress toppers

Thin mattress toppers can help add comfort when one has to sleep on uncomfortable sofas or old mattresses that are either too hard or too soft.

Mattress toppers can be used as an additional comfortable layer on the mattress or as a mattress used on a sofa. This is a good solution for those who have made a mistake in selecting a mattress. Thin inexpensive mattress topper will provide required hardness or softness for sleep.

Blanks for orthopaedic pillows

Foam rubber orthopaedic pillows are very popular as they are comfortable and durable compared to pillows with natural fillers. Orthopaedic pillows maintain the correct position of the head and the neck, help relax muscles, and improve circulation.

We work directly with the raw material producers, therefore, we can offer low prices for your projects. Contact us!


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