Acoustic Rubber Foam

Acoustic foam rubber is an optimal choice in reducing noise levels in premises of various types including homes. It is environmentally friendly, practical and long lasting.

Acoustic foam rubber, the price of which is very attractive, is easily installed in rooms after completing wall finishing. This task can be managed by both specialists and amateurs.

This type of foam rubber does not require special maintenance – it is sufficient that it is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner from time to time. Wet cleaning is possible but not necessary.

Main advantages:

– Durability. Polyurethane will not be damaged by external factors including ultraviolet rays, moisture and changes in temperature;
– No emissions harmful to health, therefore, can be used in children’s institutions;
– Can be used for covering walls, floors and ceilings either entirely or in part, without a risk that the microclimate will be affected;
– Very good acoustic properties are determined by the conversion of sound into a small amount of heat. The thicker and denser the foam rubber, the better the sound insulation;
– Acoustic foam rubber is produced by employing modern well-tested technologies.

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